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Lifeline Services:

Established in 1993, Lifeline has adopted almost 27,000 puppies to families across the Rocky Mountain Region, Kansas, Texas, and New Mexico.

No-Kill Young Puppy Rescue:

Lifeline rescues puppies under 12 weeks old, from shelters or other rescuers, that are not adequately prepared to care for or find proper homes for puppies.


To adopt a puppy from Lifeline, you will need to make a personal visit to our rescue and complete a qualifying questionaire to sign a contract. Adult adopters only. Average adoption fees range from $75 - $300. One free month of veterinary care insurance is included with each adoption. All puppies are now spayed/neutered before adoption. All puppies are not microchipped prior to adoption. This is usually already included in the adoption fee.

Education On Animal Issues:

Our experts counsel adopters and individuals on such issues as spay/neuter, early puppy care, pet introductions, and proper matching.

Veterinary Referral:

Lifeline offers an extensive listing of vets. These vets offer continuing puppy care advice and spay/neuter information along with free exams to Lifeline Pet Rescue adopters.

Volunteer Opportunities:

For individuals 16 years and older with an interest in pets and pet care e-mail us at lifelinepuppyrescue@yahoo.com.

Health Care:

Health care is very important to us - we encourage you to check out insurance at www.sheltercare.com.

Number of spay & neuters
Lifeline has paid for in areas of need: