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Donation Information:

Lifeline is a 501(c)(3) organization, and survives based entirely on the dedication of its volunteers, donations, and adoption fees. Donations are tax-deductible. The expenses for running the rescue are very large - travel to other towns to collect the puppies, vaccinations, basic and emergency medical care (babies can get sick), space to house the puppies during their stay with us, and the standard office expenses of computers, printers, paper, and web site maintenance, to name just some.

Lifeline accepts donations of all shapes and sizes. Some donation ideas include but are by no means limited to:

    Lifeline Needs to renovate our puppy pens! The estimated cost for those are $8,000, we are graciously accepting donations towards our goal so that we can continue serving our darling puppies! Please donate if you have the means, and spread the word to your friends, there is not a better cause in town to donate towards, all donations are tax deductible.

  • Monetary - Online through PayPal or by sending a check payable to: Lifeline Puppy Rescue.
  • Toner cartridges Either TN-330 or TN-360
  • Drum DR-360 for printer
  • Color printer
  • Rawhide Bones and chewies (any flavor or plain)
  • Greenies (medium and large)
  • Collapsible Play pens /plastic or wire(waist High)
  • Travel Crates Large or medium
  • Gravel (pea size)
  • Computer paper (Colored and white)
  • Propane Heaters 6 foot
  • Flea and Tick Spray
  • Puppy toys (with sanitizable surfaces please no stuffed animals)
  • Chew Ropes
  • Vaccines (ask for specifics)
  • Flea and tick treatments (1 spot, frontline, biospot, zodiac)
  • Shampoo and conditioner (baby shampoo is awesome)
  • Dog backpacks for 20-50 lb dog
  • Treadmill
  • Leashes and collars new or used (10-14 inches Collar)
  • Towels (used)
  • Lansdscaping services/materials
  • Old Socks! (washed) (we tie them together for puppy tug-a-war!)
  • Old (clean) gallon milk jugs
  • Other ways you can help: 1. Order your flowers from www.thinkflowers.com/lpr Lehrer's Flowers will donate $5.00 to Lifeline with EVERY order!
Thank you to the following donors:
  • MADDIE HARLAN for her birthday party, received gifts for the Lifeline puppies, instead of herself. This was so thoughtful of you Maddie. THANK YOU for getting so many items the puppies need. 4 years in a row. WOW!
    Bryon Engelhardt
  • Thanks to BRYON ENGELHARDT of Sunnyvale, CA (bay area) for his work to update our weary website, he donated his expert services to us, but would be happy to consult about YOUR website! To contact Bryon for help with your website please visit bryone.com. From all the staff, volunteers and puppies at LIFELINE this spring, we want to say THANKS BRYON!
    Bryon Engelhardt

  • Thanks to Natalie, Rebekah, Shelley, and Brenda. 4th grade girls from evergreen, Colorado for all of their New Years Donations! It's gonna be a great '08 at this rate! Thanks GIRLS!
    4th Grade Girls

  • 11/07 - Thanks to Jordan Greenhut for his Hard work selling Rockies memoribilia to raise money for Lifeline!

  • Thanks to TLC for all of their Christmas Donations to lifeline!

  • Kira Norby, age 12 from Ft. Lupton, CO held a Hula-Hoop-Athon and raised $150.00 which she donated to the Lifeline puppies. THANK YOU KIRA for saving puppy lives.
    Kira Norby

  • 3/3/07 - Thank you! for spreading gravel on parking area Life Project for Boy Scout Troop 109; Sean Maestas - Project Manager.

Number of spay & neuters
Lifeline has paid for in areas of need: