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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Lifeline Puppy Rescue?

Lifeline Puppy Rescue is a no-kill rescue for young puppies throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, Kansas, & New Mexico. 99% of the puppies we rescue come from city and county shelters. We like our mom & pop, friendly, small town image. People like adopting Lifeline's puppies and giving them a chance at life. The Lifeline connection to small towns and rural areas is crucial. When we work together, puppies no longer have to be destroyed.

How do I adopt a Lifeline puppy?

To adopt from Lifeline you will need to complete a qualifying questionaire and sign a contract. You must be over the age of 18 to adopt a puppy. We do not adopt puppies as gifts for someone who does not live with you. A spay/neuter agreement is required and a rebate program is available. An adoption fee will be required; the amount depends on the puppy. Average fees range from $75 - $225.

How can I help Lifeline?

Lifeline Puppy Rescue is a volunteer organization. The rescue work we do and the services we provide are only as good as our dedicated volunteers and financial support. Call us to find out about volunteering, or check out our donations page! And thanks!

When is Lifeline open for adoption?

Lifeline is a volunteer organization. We are only open on Saturday and Sunday, for viewing and adoptions. We rescue during the week. Hours and directions to our location are available here or on our hotline at 303-655-9696. When arriving before the gate is open, please remain in your car. If you bring along your dog to introduce to a puppy, leave it in your car until a volunteer can assist you with a dog run.

How much does it cost to adopt a puppy at Lifeline?

Puppy rescue is very costly for Lifeline and our adoption fees help to pay for our expenses. Adoption fees are usually between $175 - $350. Please check our adoptions page. Spay/neuter is required and $50 deposit must be relinquished at time of adoption. We don't take checks; we do however take cash, Visa, and Master Card. Cash payments are the fastest!

Where are Lifeline puppies from?

99% of Lifeline puppies are from city and county shelters that need help to find proper homes for their puppies. Each week, we travel to bring puppies into our system, from the Rocky Mountain Region, Kansas, & New Mexico.

What type of puppies are available for adoption at Lifeline?

We have 30 to 50 new arrivals each week. Our puppies are typically 8-16 weeks old. Our currently available puppies, and our guess for the breed, are listed on the puppies for adoption page or available on our hotline at 303-655-9696.

Does Lifeline have small breed puppies?

Lifeline gets small breed young puppies although they are uncommon at most rescues and shelters. Why? Small breed puppies generally have small litters and are easier for the owner to sell or to find homes. Check our website for pictures of any small breed puppies we have available.

Have the puppies had their shots?

All the puppies have received our loving care & attention. They are current on their puppy shots, been dewormed, are spayed or neutered, and microchipped. In addition, all new puppy parents are referred to a free 30 day health insurance and a free check up exam at the Veterinarian. It is the adopters responsibility to set up puppy insurance with the provider after adoption, a waiting period may apply.

Can I request a certain type of puppy?

We don't reserve puppies, take requests, or have waiting lists. Our web page is updated regularly.

Does Lifeline ever have older puppies or dogs?

On occasion, Lifeline has older puppies or adults available for adoption. Check our Puppies page for currently available puppies. If you are looking for an older dog, check out our Adopt by Owner page.

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